Make the Smart Choice

Locking in a great low electric
generation price
is easy.

The electric rate you’re currently paying can fluctuate dramatically over time. But you now have a choice when it comes to your electric generation supplier. You can lock in the lowest electric generation price right now by enrolling with FirstEnergy Solutions. It's the smart way to save on something you use daily.

The only change you'll notice is savings.
Everything else will remain the same. You'll still receive your bill from your utility. Your electricity will still be delivered through existing wires. No service visit is necessary. And your utility will still handle your meter reading, service calls and respond to any emergencies or outages.

FirstEnergy Solutions—a name you can trust.
Over 1.5 million customers already rely on us when it comes to saving on their electric generation price. We are a leading energy supplier with residential, commercial and industrial customers in Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Enrollment is easy.
It only takes a few minutes to sign up. It's easy to get started—just click on the button. But you must act now to take advantage of this limited time special offer.

5 Reasons to enroll and save

  1. It only takes a few minutes to switch, but your savings will start adding up in no time at all.
  2. There won't be any service interruptions when you enroll and it won't affect the level of service you get from your utility.
  3. There's no need for a service call. Simply enroll.
  4. You will continue to receive one bill from your utility. And you can still pay your bill exactly the same way you pay today, even if you have automatic billing from your checking account.
  5. You must enroll now to start saving.

Learn more with our FAQ about energy choices.

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