New year. New offer.

Lock in the lowest electric generation price* and save 7% with FirstEnergy Solutions, the energy provider of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Savings throughout the contract.
Your electric rates are unpredictable with West Penn Power,
but now you can choose the Steelers' energy provider and:

  • Lock in the lowest price through March 2014.
  • Save with the lowest electric price of only 6.65¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

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  Compare West Penn Power** FirstEnergy Solutions
  RS Rate per kWh @500, 1,000 or 2,000 kWh: 7.22¢ 6.65¢
  Rate change: Unpredictable Price locked through March 2014
  % Savings: None 7%


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FirstEnergy Solutions is an easy transition.
When you sign with FirstEnergy Solutions, you'll start saving right away and you'll:

  • Have the same electric service you get today, but for much less money
  • Still receive your bills from West Penn Power, and a service visit isn't needed
  • Receive your electricity through existing wires with no interruption

3 powerful reasons FirstEnergy Solutions is the right choice for Steelers fans.
  1. FirstEnergy Solutions is the electric supplier over 1.5 million customers already trust. That makes FirstEnergy Solutions the right choice for hometown fans and fans across the country.
  2. Lock in the lowest price now for the entire length of your contract and
    save on electricity right away.
  3. It's easy to enroll. There are no service calls or interruptions, and your electricity will still be delivered through existing wires.

Learn more with our FAQ about energy choices.

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